“Natalie & Jeff” Lighthouse Wedding At Pearl Island

“Natalie & Jeff” Lighthouse Wedding At Pearl Island

The Lighthouse at Pearl Island was Natalie’s dream for her wedding, so when her Mother,  Stacey, contacted Anna’s Wedding Planning,  Anna, our Wedding Planner, immediately  reserved the date and shared information with Stacey as to the way forward.

We had very little contact with Natalie.   All arrangements were made with Stacey with regards to the Colour Scheme, bouquet and cake styles, refreshments and music choice.   Stacey sent via DHL all the décor for the reception table, paraphanelia for the ceremony and reception display.  Working with Stacey was a pleasure.  She knew what Natalie wanted and we executed her plans with our team of professionals complying with every little detail.PI BEACH CEREMONY(1.2)

Natalie and Jeff along with their parents and guests arrived to Nassau via Cruise Ship.  Once they disembarked the ship we met them just outside the security check point and escorted them to the Catamaran for the 20 minutes ride to the Island.   The staff on the Island greeted us warmly and served a welcome fruit punch while Natalie, her bridesmaids and Stacey retreated to the dressing room.  The dressing room was stocked with drinks and fruits.

A traditional ceremony was performed on March 8th, 2017  followed by a Sand ceremony.   After photo taking a buffet lunch was served to the pulsating  sounds of our Steel Drum Player in a perfect setting overlooking the crystal tourquoise waters of the Bahamas.

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